just made the minimum payment on my REI Visa card, with only a couple of days to spare, and I didn't have to cash in any of my remaining bullion to do it. if one doesn't care how long it takes, it's entirely possible to get hundreds of cash from a debit card without the bite of ATM fees: $50 from the post office after mailing the radio to Thailand; $50 from Grocery Outlet after buying 8 ounces of turkey hot dogs for 59 cents; $40 from Sprouts buying 32 cents worth of on-sale $1.99/pound salted peanuts; and $60 from Safeway with purchase of a bolillo roll for 33 cents and 70 cents worth of $1.99/pound organic white sushi rice. all told, only a little over $2 and I got quite a bit of food for that money.

I found my oven thermometer, put it in my black-no-stick-lined pot with the glass cover, and left it in the sun. the thermometer was reading over 150 degrees F by the time I left around 12:30. I'll have to find a way to polish aluminum flashing to a mirror finish to make it more efficient.

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