sauteed the kelp I gathered and dried last time paddling Drake's Estero in olive oil, and ate it as the salt source with my ahi sashimi with chopped garlic for dinner tonight. it was perfect in flavor and texture. I don't know what those whitish patches of brittle growth were on it, but didn't worry about it after cooking.

splurged today, had a Starbucks coffee for the first time in a long time, but after one more I can get a free meal as a reward. the senior center with its 50 cent coffee won't be open again until Tuesday. and that dinner cost me a little over $3. I got a bunch more of that $2/bottle Primitivo, and 10 packs of sausages for the upcoming weekend trips. I can always gather greens, and starches are usually easy to find cheap or free, but for meats that keep well without refrigeration, sausages are hard to beat.

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