forgot to mention Turby, the Vietnam vet who gave me a ride in his pickup truck yesterday not far from Green String farm all the way to the Safeway in Sonoma. in 'nam he said he had a one-man outpost. when he heard enemies nearby he'd go out, take off his shirt, yell an obscenity at Ho Chi Minh, and hold his arms out daring them to fire. after they'd emptied their magazines at him, he'd turn around and go back inside. never got hit. that's his story anyway, best as I remember it. I have no good reason to disbelieve him.

found a box of portobella mushrooms and some cherry tomatoes in the dumpster at Grocery Outlet, and some strawberry tree fruits and figs on the way back home. threw it all in a pan with some of my cheap sausages and sauteed. I'll be back to brag if it came out really good, otherwise ich grolle nicht.

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