the windsurfer was picked up yesterday; it hadn't been touched. today I tried it at the Petaluma marina. not enough room; I never quite got it to where I could safely haul in the sail. will try again another day at the turning basin.

made 50 FRNs at a neighbor's today, answering another help wanted ad on nextdoor.com. this is working out pretty well, especially if I can keep down expenses like I did today, only $1.50 for a cup of coffee at the senior center and a 4-ounce piece of salmon at Dollar Tree. the rest of my food I got as freely donated bread and veggies at the senior center and my favorite dumpster, at Grocery Outlet. and now that I'm a member at the Redwood Credit Union again, I can just go there for coffee and save my 50 cents. I went there anyway, since the senior coffee was so bad today.

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