I'm thinking of renting my place at City of the Sun, the community north of Columbus, NM. it's a dump, but it'll keep you tolerably warm through the winter. even more if you use some of those piles of bottles to make a bottle wall to replace the blown-out plastic south wall. you'll need to make friends with the locals, because if you piss anybody off you can be forced to leave, and you'll need one of them to "sponsor" (vouch for) you. I'm asking $10 a week, or $30 a month, plus there's an honor-system $1 per day (last I knew) you owe COS for use of their bathroom/shower. I'll expect you to do what it takes (very little) to keep tumbleweed and any other noxious weeds from maturing, and to keep the place from getting any "dumpier" than it already is. anybody interested please email or direct-message me on social media.

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