just about ready for the trip. the plan is to leave early tomorrow morning so I have at least 24 hours to go the 40-or-so miles into the city with all my gear, to make the 8:15 bus to Anaheim. from there I plan to walk to San Clemente; since nobody is generally allowed to walk through Camp Pendleton, I'll have to take the North County bus through it to Oceanside, then I can walk the 60-or-so miles to the border. I'll have a few days to accomplish that before my flight to La Paz. my electronics will be well charged and I should be able to get a lot of it into MapMyRun.

2015 will be remembered, by me if nobody else, as the year I became good at dumpster diving for food. I can now live as cheaply in Petaluma, CA as I could in Columbus, NM hunting rabbits and doves, and foraging prickly pear fruits, amaranth, yucca blossoms, and other wild edibles. the food may not be as healthy here, but it can keep me alive when money is tight, as it's likely to be for the next few years. just not landing jobs on Odesk any more.

looks as though the broom plant that used to own the hillside where I'm staying is just about eradicated. it'll never be completely gone as long as the plants next door remain, but it shouldn't take nearly as much weeding from here on out. and one welcome native, soaproot, has moved in to take its place, as has a welcome non-native invasive, fennel.

so it turns out the PowerMonkey can be charged from the USB port of my netbook. I'd probably have known that if I'd read the instructions, huh? anyway that's how I'll be charging it most of the time now. no need for my bag of wall warts, just the power supply for the computer and that's it. the little bag of adapters for the PowerMonkey Extreme will charge everything else I regularly carry.

I don't even have any plans to take a jacket this time. I'll just put on 4 or more base layers, and keep moving to stay warm.

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