after this batch of aserrín is done, I don't know that I'll be buying it again. sure, it's cheap, and seems to be fairly nutritious, but the texture, with all the bone meal, is off-putting; and the presence of large chunks of wrapping plastic I keep finding in it is really disconcerting. then again, it keeps my food costs down to about a dollar a day, which is pretty hard to beat. we shall see.

I just laid out $20.32 (MXN350) for a butane stove, and the guy at Ferreteria El Gallo threw in a canister of gas at no extra charge (regularly MXN30, under 2 bucks). just cooked a biscuit on it, and charred it. so I'll be using even less fuel with this than on a normal gas stove. it'll take some experimenting before I know exactly how much savings there will be.

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