attempting to use the letsencrypt tools to make myself some free certs. it's frustrating as hell. but I've got the source, or at least some of it, so I'm going to figure this out eventually.

3rd time making yogurt with the new method: put the milk, with some starter yogurt, on the stove, stirring regularly with pre-scrubbed fingers until I can't hold them in the milk for more than 3 seconds. then haybox in the sun for a few hours. it hasn't yet failed to gel, whereas the previous way, just letting it reach whatever temp the sun could get it to, was only occasionally successful. I think this is a keeper.

I finally got my new pocketknife to near-razor sharpness by stroking it on a 1/2" steel rod, as if I were peeling a carrot. I shaved my sideburns with it over the last couple of days, and got most of the moustache and some of the chin today. if I can finish up tomorrow, and keep maintaining it, I will have accomplished that goal for this year. kinda sorta. I still don't get a close enough shave with it, so have to use my Gillette Fusion razor for the finish. but I was able to get my yearly usage down to 2 blade assemblies this year, I'm pretty sure, and should be able to do that or better next year.

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