so about a week ago I set up an account with Schwab, because they always refund ATM fees even from foreign banks, and none of my banks do. and to fund it, I transferred some of my earnings from upwork.com to it with an ACH transfer. I hear nothing from them. their website says I still need to fund the account. finally I do the "live chat" thing, and after the usual "security theatre" of asking me questions that anybody with one finger to type into a Google search could find in milliseconds, I was greeted with the lovely information that since I opened the account from outside the US, it sets a red flag and now I must show up at a Schwab branch in the US to be verified. I told the rep that this was a silly requirement, I could have used my server in Atlanta as proxy and they would have never known the difference.

but the rules are the rules, and now I'm fucked. the money is probably gone. fuck you, Charles Schwab.

the worst part is, they had my email address, and they never bothered to let me know there's a problem.

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