guess I failed my goal of being able to get a good shave with a pocketknife in 2015. however, I did learn a thing or two, and can get a not-bad shave in about 10 minutes. first, microwave a wet rag for about 30 seconds and apply to your scrubbed face for a minute or two before shaving. you'll probably have to reheat it at least once. then, strop the knife 20 to 40 strokes before starting. I just take off my belt, loop it over the bathroom door knob, and holding the other end with one hand, strop with the other. that's after sharpening with a piece of 1/2" steel rod, stroking against it at about a 20 degree angle, as if peeling a carrot.

I've pretty much trained the skin on my cheeks and neck to take the blade without chafing. but the "mask" area, moustache and chin, still get bloody. and the shave isn't close enough, so I have to finish it off with my Gillette Fusion.

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