the propane-butane adaptor I made isn't working well at all. tonight I had a flare-up where it was leaking and it could have been bad. switched back to my last butane canister and finished cooking my meal (biscuit), but tomorrow I'm going to have to figure out something different.

a few days ago, noticed demolition work is being done at La Bartola. I hope those guys get established again. that was a pleasant place with good food.

been thinking on and off about what kind of business can be started with just what grows locally. seafood of course; maybe some kind of processed fish cakes out of the non-commercial fish that is always being harvested. flash-frozen and shipped worldwide. edible seaweed; there's lots of it here. castor beans grow in the big arroyo out behind Wal-Mart. also a few naturalized species of tomato. there are two native tobacco plants here as well, coconut palms seem to thrive, devil's claw can be gathered and pickled where it grows on beaches... plenty to think about.

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