some years ago my iTouch started crashing on certain webpages. then I pretty much stopped using it for the web when I got my Android tablet. but recently I started looking into the iPod problem again, and some months ago figured out that the crash occurred on certain characters, such as the airplane icon often found in email subject lines, and some Japanese characters.

today I found out about the -u option that can be used to pass a URL to MobileSafari, and used it from the command line to point to a test HTML page I had set up with a Hiragana character on it to test the crash. I got the error:

FT New Face failed for '/System/Library/Fonts/Cache/HiraginoKakuGothicProNW3.otf': error 1.
Bus error

I found the missing file in /var/mobile/tmp; I apparently had moved it there long ago for some reason. moved it back where it belonged, and MobileSafari no longer crashes on my test page.

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