was saving my money for a while to take my lady out for her birthday... we went to Sorstis, my first time there. I had the lasagna, a surf-and-turf specialty that was the tastiest dish I'd had in quite a while.

a week or so ago I was gifted a jar of flaxseed, and was adding it to my biscuits and scones for as long as it lasted. it has a laxative effect very similar to metamucil, and added a pleasant nuttiness to the breads. but I'm glad it's gone.

mango trees in La Paz are starting to fruit. the one in Sorstis's courtyard had hundreds of little mangoes, as does the one next to Jeon-San chinese restaurant on Revolución a little south of the cathedral.

was in the mood for a beer after our walk tonight, but the cervezeria was closed. went to Oxxo and got a 16-ounce can of Tecate for MXN15.50 instead. about the lower limit of what I'm able to tolerate. but it's doing the job.

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