so it turns out the passport card isn't a free pass to the front of the line any more. I got turned back and told to go to the back of the line. of course I didn't -- many of the people in the "ready" lane only had passport books -- but I did get delayed about 20 minutes.

by the time I reached San Diego, in fact probably well before, my lower back was in quite a bit of pain, and once I sat down it was hard to get back up. but I'm used to this on these semiannual "Kit Carson" adventures. my right heel was abrading and the skin was about to break, so I put my socks on. slept this morning in Mission Beach at the end of San Luis Obispo Way. woke up before the tide got my feet wet. recharging my batteries, both figuratively and literally, at the library in La Jolla on Draper St. before heading to the beach from which I hope to make it all the way past Torrey Pines. but I've got to beat the tide, and it's a fairly high "low" at about 4:30. might not be enough to make it past the rocky outcropping at the north end of Black's Beach. and if not, I've got some intense climbing to do, and then brave the cops of Del Mar.

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