slept almost 5 hours yesterday, from about 12:30 to almost 5:30 PM, on the beach at San Clemente. last night's slog from there to Laguna Beach was the slowest and most tortured so far this trip. my lower back muscles are now doing better though; it's just the neck, shoulders, feet and ankles, primarily, now.

realized at some point that I'm almost never hungry. my stomach is almost always tense and rejecting the thought of eating. I was able to trick it yesterday by buying some sharp cheese and using it to make the biscuits more interesting, not to mention fatty. I've still got almost two biscuits, mostly in the form of crumbs, for today and maybe even tomorrow.

I miss kissing. and sex. and just spending time with my lady. and this is less than 72 hours away. how am I going to take war, if it comes to that in my lifetime? I need to be a lot stronger, that's for sure.

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