so a few days ago, I was jogging along Lynch creek trail, and a gaggle of schoolchildren led by adult chaperones came from the opposite direction -- right in my way. the leader, a short but heavy-set man in his 30s by my reckoning, motioned me to go around them to the left, but I shook my head and said in the most authoritative tone I could muster, "right of way is to the right!".

he immediately moved to his right, ushering his young charges along with him, and as I progressed, repeating the mantra, the other teachers started exhorting their youngsters, "move to the right! move to the right!"

I came across the group again either yesterday or today, and they were in their correct lane. I waved to the group leader and he ignored me. but the teachers learned their lesson, and so, apparently, did the kids. there's one group who won't likely unwittingly initiate conflict on the roads, trails, and open seas in the future.

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