in my dream just before awakening, I was a cop. all cops were normal-sized people. we policed the Lilliputian-sized folks in the world. our 9mm handguns were like cannons to them, and we used them indiscriminately. I just shot out a guy's car window because he didn't immediately get out of the car, and I didn't care where the shrapnel went. I think it probably killed him, but then I woke up. god, I hate cops. even when they're me.

last night I ran out of that ethyl rubbing alcohol for my penny stove. it sure didn't last long; it doesn't burn nearly as hot as that toxic stuff sold as paint stripper. but anyway, I tried making cold-brew camp coffee so I'd have some go-juice this morning. I didn't think it would work; grounds never seem to settle out of cold coffee; but they did! at some point during the 12 hours or so it was sitting out there, the grounds went to the bottom, leaving a nice but cold cup of pleasant-tasting coffee behind.

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