what a week. mostly coding, with food procurement and preparation a distant second, or so it seemed anyway. probably still goofed off most of the time.

tested Zippo fluid (naphtha) in my penny stove. it worked, but too well. one time I spilled a little on the edge and it went whoosh! before settling down to a very hot, fast burn. I'll stick with the 70% ethyl rubbing alcohol, and as long as I cook during the hottest part of the day, it works well enough. made myself an omelet and a big batch of bulgur wheat with chia seed, the latter cooked in the chicken broth from yesterday's chicken backs from Whole Foods. waste not, want not. fat is my most important calorie source.

another month almost gone. soon it'll be winter in La Paz again, assuming I survive and everything else continues as before. the economic and political situation in the US and the world doesn't make anything too secure.

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