fog coming through the Cotati gap for, what, the 7th night in a row? loving these cooler mornings. it still gets plenty hot in the late morning or early afternoon.

scored big at the food giveaway at the senior center this morning. I should be pretty much set for the next few days, except for meat. but then I have organic eggs, so I'm good for protein.

also got a head of broccoli and bag of oranges from the Grocery Outlet dumpster. but that's about all I find there lately, veggies and fruits. I cut off the tops of the broccoli and packed them into the emptiest of the 3 brine pickle jars I have going. there's kahm yeast in all of them but I'm not too worried about it. if it leads to mold, then I might have to throw some out.

making progress on the latest Django programming job, but it's a tough slog. the Elastic Beanstalk stuff adds a lot of complexity. but I might have found a way to set up environment variables using the .ebextensions folder, since it supposedly processes them in order. I use the 2nd one as a template, and fill in the variables with a container_command from the first one. it didn't work the first time because of a bug, but maybe it will this time.

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