was just cooking dinner on my camp stove, spaghetti and sausages for $1.69 at Grocery Outlet, and 2 cans of stewed tomatoes I got from the senior center handouts last Tuesday. only I forgot to stir the spaghetti, and didn't have any stirrer handy because the neighbor's dog keeps carrying away my bamboo utensils. so I tried to make do with a grater, but then I pushed too hard and the whole thing went crashing down. I had plenty of water handy and easily put out the flame, but the penny stove had fallen in the food itself and the bittering agent added to make the alcohol nonpotable ruined it completely. so now I'm out my planned dinner. I've still got food, thankfully, but without a grasping government I could have salvaged my intended meal.

without government there's always a chance that cheap alcohol will be toxic. only with government is that guaranteed.

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