so I took the long way home, out to Lucky and Goodwill then back along Lakeville. when I hit that grassy area near Steamer Landing Park, I saw a jackrabbit hanging out by the abandoned railroad tracks. and I decided to persistence hunt it.

I'd done this before, in the desert, and attempted it once in Helen Putnam Park, but so far I hadn't been successful without the added help of an air rifle. I chased the little bugger back and forth, and I was getting winded but so was he. finally I'd had just about enough, but some youngish lady came over and berated me for bothering the poor rabbit. "he lives here." she must be from the dreaded RDL, the Rabbit Defense League.

got to step up my game. the dumpsters won't be overflowing with food after SHTF. and these do-goody meddlers will be hunkered down in their gated communities anyway. that damned rabbit is mine.

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