since a friend posted a tearjerker today about a baby in England all covered with scabs due, allegedly, to contacting chickenpox from some unvaccinated kid — and all his pro-vax friends joining in with "vaccines are 100% safe" and similar bullshit — I decided to post the VAERS cover-up article that Guerrillanurse wrote. how do I know it's true? I don't. but it has the ring of truth. it's not anti-vax. it is anti-ignorance. the chance of your child suffering a vaccine injury are much higher than that of your winning the lottery, but how many hesitate to buy that ticket every week? or bunch of tickets? and yet most people willingly subject their children to every fucking vaccine that the Almighty Government recommends. and like the "mum" of the scabby kid, wants to shame (or force) everybody else to do the same.

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