so today I got a ride out to Sebastopol to meet Steamboat Ed, and also was introduced to the wonderland of Bataeff Salvage, which among other things has the same lightweight foam wheels for which I paid $25 or so each at Friedman's, for $17 each.

by midafternoon was starving so with my last $1.29 I got the two-tacos-of-questionable-origin deal at Jack in the Box, then took the bus back to P-town.

no joy at West Marine. they had the hardener for $8, but no wax additive, so I might as well get what I need online for way less. I was given a little extra time to get the job done.

speaking of jobs, I've got a client in Ukraine for whom I completed a $250 job a few days ago, but he still refuses to pay because of his misunderstanding of what the SRILM toolset, particularly fngram-count, is supposed to do. he insists that the tags should be removed from the output by the program, though obviously they are not, so he blames me for not configuring the factor-file correctly. ordinarily I'd just cut my losses and write it off, but I don't want to do that this time. I want this fucker to apologize, and pay. or at least pay. it might have to go to arbitration. I don't know how good my chances are there. it all depends on whether or not the arbitrator knows something about the subject matter, or about programming. if he does, my chances improve tremendously. but if he's some dummy with a liberal arts degree, I might be screwed.

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