so my Android tablet was becoming less and less useful; couldn't install any new apps or update old ones, and Instagram was just failing every time I tried to post an image, no explanation except for the typical, useless popup "Unfortunately, [foo] has stopped.".

df showed there was plenty of space on the sdcard, but I suspected that it wasn't being truthful, so I searched for large files and found a bunch under /data/app. and an answer on this forum indicated it was OK to delete them. I ignored the later answer that said it wasn't. big mistake.

everything I deleted was stuff I wanted or needed except possibly for gms. things were crashing left and right. adb logcat showed I had majorly fucked up.

but then, magically, the download indicator went into overdrive. I forgot about it for a while, and when I checked again, apps had updated! Instagram worked again! and no more ENOSPC errors showing when running adb logcat.

but the updated MapFactor Navigator seems to have a bug. it kept recording, after my jog was complete, and counted my shopping towards the time. made it look as though I had walked.

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