in the process of troubleshooting a faulty SRS airbag controller, I finally figured out what that funny-looking bulb and module are behind the passenger-side headlamp: the cruise control servo and vacuum reservoir. behind the driver's side headlamp are the horns (2 of 'em, pointing different directions). still wasn't able to find the impact sensors. so what I did was to remove the metal diaphragm from the buzzer (chime); it doesn't solve the airbag problem — I'm guessing only replacing the clockspring will do that — but at least that annoying ding-ding-ding every left turn is now over. hope I didn't mess anything else up in the process; like every good mechanic, I had a couple of screws left over when done. they're now at the bottom of the glovebox, just in case.

easiest way to keep bread for a week or so without refrigeration: just undo the twist tie or that stupid plastic tab. by letting the moisture vent, the chance of mold forming is reduced to a fairly safe level. white bread tends to get pretty dried out, but whole grain, and especially sprouted, bread stays moist and palatable. sometimes it ferments a little, which is OK by me.

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