one of my recurring dreams I may never have mentioned is that universe (sadly not this one) in which I have, cached away in safe deposit in a bank somewhere, silver and gold bullion, negotiable instruments, stocks and bonds, and other wealth. but even in the dreams I keep forgetting I have it, and where, and how much. there is also the matter of the safe deposit box fees, have I paid them, has the bank already opened the box and liquidated my savings. I also keep going back to the question of other stashes of such valuables hidden in houses where I once lived, a P.O. box where I get mail related to these treasures, apartments I've rented and condos I've bought around the world on which I probably haven't kept up with payments...

I often think rich people have it bad because they have to deal with this stuff, for real, day in and day out, besides worrying that their loved ones could be kidnapped at any time and held hostage for that wealth. but I don't even have anything of "hard" value and these dreams come around to haunt me just the same. it ain't fair, I tell ya.

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