after my nap downtown this afternoon, on my way to the gym, there were a couple of young white guys climbing up the walking bridge -- clearly posted "NO DIVING" -- and jumping into the slough, with their Mexican friend on the bridge watching for cops. I guess they did it a few times, because when I made it upstairs to the weight room, and went to the window with my two wimpy 10-pound weights, they were still at it. by now there were several "adults", C. S. Lewis's "omnipotent moral busybodies", apparently giving them a hard time and maybe calling 9-1-1. the kids finally grabbed their skateboards and backpacks off the dock and headed out, but not before one of them had some verbal back-and-forth with the OMBs. kudos to him. we need more scofflaws in this increasingly stultifying world.

my lower back was hurting for over a week, but finally it's back to normal. I wasn't worried too much, I thought it was muscular and apparently I was right.

been eating way too much sugar lately, but so far it hasn't caught up to me in the form of weakening my immune system or causing any noticeable weight gain. just lucky, I guess.

only about 5 weeks left until my walk/bus down the coast to Tijuana. got lots to do before then.

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