my erection wouldn't go down, so I opened it up horizontally, removed the calcified structures that had formed, and while I was at it, tossed out some tumors and other loose bits. it all had the consistency of cooked chicken. but then when I was ready to snap it back togrther, I noticed the top piece was missing, so I threw the rest in the trash as well. then someone pointed out my right foot was completely fractured above the ankle, bones sticking out and shreds of skin hanging loose. I was about to throw that away as well, but then I woke up.

in the morning we found the source of all the splotches of dried blood on the floor: the dessicated remains of a ground squirrel in a wool blanket, surrounded by a hundred or so cocoon shells burrowed deep into the weave, and dead horseflies all around. I hypothesized that a fly had laid its eggs inside the poor little bugger, and anemia-driven delirium or a neurotoxin produced by the larva drove it to suicide, jumping out of the attic to the hard floor, then crawling around till it found the blanket in which to curl up until sweet death came to claim it.

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