only occasionally have I seen the bearded black guy who used to bicycle up the hill regularly, but today while I was sitting outside St. Vincent's, uploading the GPX file of my blog to MapMyRun, he rode up and parked his bike. I introduced myself and he, Henry, did likewise. we talked about stuff, and I found out that SVdP hands out $25 dollars for food at Lucky at 1PM on Tuesdays. I didn't hang around for it though. Salvation Army, near the corner of Caulfield and McDowell, also has a food handout once a month, but you have to show ID for that. good to know anyway.

nearing completion of my job, but my client seems upset that I didn't give a more full-featured search function. I gave him about $2000 worth of work for $200, and he's not satisfied. I feel like telling him to keep it for free, and I'll open-source it. but I need the money for my trip.

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