oh, great, it's crashing on Upwork as well. here's part of the stack trace and register dump:

#26 0x0000ee3a129a start_thread
#27 0x0000eb1360fe clone
  gs: 00000063  fs: 00000000  es: 0000002b  ds: 0000002b
 edi: de66b774 esi: eb200000 ebp: de66b978 esp: de66b6b8
 ebx: 000000c4 edx: 00000006 ecx: 000000d2 eax: 00000000
 trp: 00000000 err: 00000000  ip: ee405430  cs: 00000023
 efl: 00200296 usp: de66b6b8  ss: 0000002b
[end of stack trace]

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