another hint that I may be growing out of cowardice: today, while walking to the hardware store, as I was passing the cathedral, a young lady was assaulted by a young man after a short verbal exchange. he grabbed her and stuck his hand into her right rear pocket. I shouted "hey! none of that shit." in English, and even though he may not have understood, he took his hand out of her pocket, and froze. then the ladyboy (turns out that's what she was) said something to him, and they walked off together. I guess they're stuck with each other by some agreement I know nothing about. not sorry I said something, though. maybe he at least will treat her a little better if he thinks people are watching.

bought some plumbing solder and acid flux, and finished the adapter for attaching a regulator to my 5-gallon propane tank and connecting it to the butane stove. but I haven't tested it yet. not sure the connection is gas-tight.

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