for breakfast I made fried rice out of yesterday's dinner leftovers, and for lunch I improvised a calzone out of my usual biscuit mix, kneaded well to a pliable dough, with some blue cheese and Italian meats (2 different salames and some prosciutto or similar) as filling.

buoyed by my previous successes, I attempted a huge calzone for dinner tonight, made with lots of machaca, which is already going bad after only 4 or 5 days. it wasn't quite a disaster, but it didn't turn out well. it was too big, for one thing, and too thick, as I didn't have the griddle to roll it out on, having already "cooked" the meat on it. so I decided to just cook the huge pizza-crust-looking-thing and spread the meat out on it like a cheezeless pizza. that worked out OK. but it isn't anything to write home about. anyway, I ate half and left the other half for breakfast tomorrow.

and last night, I had to fork over about 3 precious dollars to Procter and Gamble for some dental floss. I'm hoping the 50 meters will last me a year, I hate giving money to that corporation. hopefully, only a small percentage of that price goes to them.

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