went back to the arroyo near Home Depot today. the tomato plants, hundreds of them, are still thriving. some are starting to bear fruit.

that tree with the maple- or sycamore-like leaves was a variety of Gossypium, the wild cotton that is native to this area, but not necessarily this particular species. I'm thinking it's G. barbadense.

also saw a very healthy specimen of a mint, perhaps the same that I saw with Carla a couple weeks ago, except that now it's in bloom -- tiny, white, Penstemon-like flowers -- and has an even stronger mint flavor, instead of the more anise-like taste it had last time.

also saw and tasted a mustard-family plant with large leaves and a thick stem. the flavor reminds me of garlic mustard, Alliaria petiolata, but the leaves are more like a radish. I didn't want to pull it up to check, it was the only one visible.

we foraged a couple of squash from the large vine a couple hundred yards from the road. still don't know for sure if it's an edible variety.

and of course the wild amaranth is still all around, as are the nasty grasses with the goat-head-like seeds.

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