just finished Kropotkin's The Conquest of Bread, and nowhere in it do I see how he transforms his angry mob of peasants from the violent pack of thieves who need to "expropriate" every house, every acre of land, and place of business from the largest factory to the mom-and-pop bakery; to the "happy crowds of occasional labourers" who will gladly work in the fields every day to feed his comrades.

color me cynical.

if you'd rather steal than go to the commons and forage your food, I don't have any hope you'd do better after the orgy of theft and redistribution in which you just indulged. if you aren't helping your neighbors now, you won't likely do so after the revolution, either.

remember: you don't rise to the occasion, you fall back on your training. breaking windows and beating up "fascists" who have done nothing but run their mouths doesn't translate into working the fields tomorrow. go work the fields now and see how you like it; you may find you don't need to use violence to achieve your paradise on earth. and if not, at least you'll know how you'll fare later.

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