walked all night, made it to Petaluma by daybreak: hit city limits about 06:20, and to G and Petaluma Boulevard at 0700, 24 hour after I left the Caltrain station in San Francisco. I'll have to check the mileage; that may be a new record for me.

I ended up spending some money after all; at the Safeway where Freitas crosses Las Gallinas, I bought a quart of Miller High Life, on sale for $2. I figured what the heck, it can't taste all that different from Pacifico, right? wrong. it's hopless. doesn't have any of the bitter love that you get in every glug of Pacifico. I hope I remember before wasting money like that again. and to add insult to injury, there's the CRV charge and California sales tax, which brought the total to $2.24 or thereabouts. to be sure, Mexico has high sales taxes too but it's precomputed into the marked price, so there's no sticker shock.

I guess Petaluma passed the new sales tax for the library, it's open Mondays now until 9. dummies. well, I'm going to use and abuse it.

the Panera store in Petaluma closed for good. and the senior center was closing just as I got there. no problem, I took a nap at the park. I had also slept well at Walnut Park right after my epic journey. should be able to stay up all night if I'm so inclined, although I don't have to be on the street tonight.

unfroze my 24 hour fitness account and had a needed shower and shave. checked my weight: still 143! didn't lose nearly as much as the last few trips, since I used transit for most of it.

remembered the pier in Oceanside; don't think I mentioned it before. people fish there, some until late at night. it's well-lit, no cops were bothering anybody, and the restrooms were open all night as far as I could tell. and there were fire rings on the beach nearby, and I curled up to sleep next to one after the people had left it. it radiated heat for hours.

someone left some Safeway's chicken tenders on the footbridge at the end of Mackenzie. I hope it's not poisoned. it tastes pretty good.

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