full-fledged apps running on a browser. wasn't that one of the big ideas behind HTML5 and ECMAscript6? but then browsers (like the latest Chrome on Android) block, for example, audio from playing except in a handler for a user action. seems to me there could be another, less drastic, remedy for ill-behaved webpages. maybe an Intranet setting that allows everything by default, or the same if the app is saved to the home screen. or at least a prompt to allow or disallow.

so you go through all the work to create an application that runs over the web, and the pillars of support are knocked out from under you. like Blackberry did to my Rules of Golf app back in 2009 or so, and like Chrome is doing to My Turn (I didn't create this one, I'm just the current maintainer).

the sofware god giveth and the software god taketh away. cursed be the name of the software god.

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