4 days in a row I've done my upper-body workout with 10 pound weights in each hand, and it's already starting to show. some definite, though slight, muscle definition in both arms. better late than never. if I can keep this up for a month, it might actually be measurable.

still happy with my cold-brew camp coffee. yesterday I got some grounds in the first few sips, but that was probably due to lack of sufficient stirring. the real test will be if I buy some pre-ground coffee tomorrow. there are bags of it on sale for $3.99 at Grocery Outlet. chances are that won't sink as readily as the fine-ground stuff I make. but I'll give it a shot.

finally making some progress on my "kinetic sculptures", actually just minimalistic wheeled vehicles, of which I'll choose one to run the KGC this year. I even started reaquainting myself with my oxyacetylene kit by lighting my camp stove with the acetylene torch today. who knows, I might even do some welding this year.

and I started patching my drysuit with some Aquaseal I bought at Clavey's today, almost $9 for a tiny little tube. but I'm going to need it if I do the water portion of the race.

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