so I didn't find a piece of PVC pipe, but I found part of a cane or walker, that had holes pre-drilled for the telescoping part to lock into. so I cut it into 3 pieces, one with one hole, one with none, and one with the rest, which looked something like a flute.

my friend Dawn was right: the holes do indeed vary the sound, just like a wood flute, when played like a trumpet, the lips providing the vibration. however, the holes also contribute an unpleasant raspy sound, and if too many of them are uncovered, both the quality and volume are diminished. holes open nearer the lips are worse. the piece with one hole, I'm using for a lanyard, played with the hole next to the lips just makes a harsh whisper sound; when played at the opposite end, it makes a perfect "air horn" sound, loud and clear. that's what I'll be using at the race this year.

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