I've salvaged about 5 pounds each of bacon and organic egg pasta, over the last 2 or 3 days, from my favorite dumpster. so I was able to save 2 days of my $3/day food budget and buy half a liter of EVOO and a bottle of that Don Simón wine.

tonight, over my camp stove, I cooked the first pound of bacon, and when it was about half done, I added the first 8-ounce pack of pasta. I had to also add some water a few minutes later, because the water and fat from the bacon wasn't enough to soften it. it came out excellent. if it keeps -- and that's a big "if" because the chilling fog didn't come in for 2 nights now -- I have food for the week, easily. which will help me to save up for the 3 days of the Kinetic race, when I'll have to be eating out much of the time.

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