this time, back at the cabin, I cracked both the suction and discharge valves, and put a little R22 into the low side, but still it's not equalizing. something still very wrong here.

the valves weren't the standard square stems, they took allen keys. the large one is 5/16 and the small probably 3/16 but I didn't have one, so used a 4.5mm.

on the way up, we stopped at the rest stop on I-5 north of Williams, but then we couldn't start it again. called AAA, but before the tow truck came, about an hour and a half after we stopped, the damned thing started again, so we came all the way up. the "check engine" light is on, and performance is really sluggish, especially on hills, but we started it again today and it started right up, so we have some hope of getting home again Monday.

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