keeping my hand in shaving with my pocketknife, since I haven't done it in like a year and a half; sharpened my knife and stropped it about 60 times yesterday, was able to shave the non-sensitive parts of my face at least.

still really grateful for that black salve that removed the mole preventing me from shaving my chin back in 2011. with a good sharp razor, I just wet my face with cold water and Dr. Bronners and shave. no nicks, no problems. I change the blade every 6 months. it helps that I only shave the full face about once a week, and only shave the "kissing parts" every day.

although I'm not enjoying it as much as at first, I'm still making my cold-brew coffee most days. Tuesdays I usually pop into Redwood Credit Union before or after the food giveaway at the Senior Center across the street, and get a free cup of good, hot coffee. I'm very careful, never spilled it after that one time.

though I still haven't built up to the 20 miles a day I'd like, I'm jogging almost everywhere now instead of walking, and I'm feeling great. it seems to help my programming too. lately I've been solving problems that have stumped me for weeks.

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