couldn't get rid of the VPN I had attempted to setup on my 2nd Android phone. holding it for 5, 10, 30 seconds didn't pop up a delete option, and the 3 vertical dots in the upper-right only gave me the "always on" option. I futzed with it for probably an hour.

finally I decided I'd try to remove the PIN, since that was my main reason for wanting to delete the VPN setup anyway. strangely enough, it let me; and when I went back to the settings to look for the VPN it was gone. must be a bug in the operating system. anyway, it's fixed now.

went paddling at Tomales this morning with 6 others. started out almost smooth as glass, and even at its worst on the way back the waves weren't overwhelming. discomfort was tolerable and never approached the pain threshold.

finally started configuring the new server, and registered it as ns004.unternet.net. I still have a long way to go, but I do have the whole month of August and part of September before they shut down ns001.

also, finally got a "hard" pre-approval on a credit card with enough of a line that I can consolidate all my other cards into one lower rate. supposedly no fee for balance transfer either, but I've got to make sure once I get it. this could save me a lot of hassle each month not to mention the lower interest. I might have it all paid off by the time I start collecting Social Security next year.

cooking my dinner outdoors, I got to see mama deer and Bambi walk over to the neighbor's apple tree and start munching.

still have both jobs, though I'm not making progress with the newer one. my boss is so busy working long days he hasn't given me the access I need to the code, and by the time he needs my input I may be too far out of the loop. but we'll see.

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