before I left on the Oregon trip (Madras, to see the eclipse) I brine-pickled 3 bags of organic broccoli I'd found in good condition in the Grocery Outlet dumpster. but when I got back, the top was no longer covered in water and had turned into a putrid goo. I scraped it off, and the rest of the batch hadn't pickled properly but was still mostly palatable, so I added some to my meal. but halfway through dinner I decided "nope" and spit the rest out.

I had had diarrhea for almost 48 hours at that point, and was afraid the putrid veggies were going to make that even worse. but luckily for me, I've gone the day without incident, and I'm feeling fine now. the last couple days of the trip I was running low on food and ate some things I probably should have thrown out, like moldy pecans and slimy lunch meats.

tonight's dinner was mac-and-ham-and-cheese, made from organic spaghetti from Grocery Outlet, a pound for 99 cents, and ham and cheese from the dumpster out back. I have enough for another day at least, and have meat and cheese for another batch, if it keeps.

haven't had any flying dreams lately, but had a pretty cool sliding dream last night. I had climbed to the top of a mountain, and there was a road going straight down starting at about a 30% grade. I took one look and decided instead to look for some switchbacks to walk, but then I thought I'd try sliding on my butt. it was easy and painless! my pants were still fully intact at the bottom, and I got down in record time.

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