pet peeves about Digital Ocean:

the options I select for a droplet are the same every time, however the defaults never change. so if I miss telling it to use my existing key, I can't get into my droplet. how fucked up is that? useful defaults, anyone?

clicking Destroy from the Other options on an existing droplet brings up a page with the Destroy button disabled. I have to refresh the page to get a working button.

OK, rant over. looks like I have the basic application installing properly now. my next goal is to get it functional, and I have about 8 days to do it.

waited too late to buy my Megabus ticket to Anaheim. to get the $1 fare (plus $2.50 booking fee, so $3.50) I had to choose 6AM on November 1st. that gets to Anaheim in mid-afternoon, so I probably can't pass through Camp Pendleton until the next morning. whatever, I'll deal with it when I get there. if I have to walk the 108 miles to Tijuana to save some money, I'll do it.

that dumpster-dived pork I ate is putting some pressure on my stomach. hope I survive this adventure. it would suck to get taken out of the game now.

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