I have yet another new "best" method for lighting my BushBuddy Ultra stick stove. put some sticks at the bottom, or better yet, the charred remains of the previous fire. then put the pot stand on top, and fill the whole cavity with tinder (dried redwood needles are my most common choice due to easy availability). put a lid on top (I use the lid from the titanium pot that came with the stove), and turn the whole thing upside down. tilt it up a bit and light.

let it burn for a minute or so, hopefully reaching the charcoal or twigs at the "top". then flip it over: I use two bamboo spatulas for this, but if you have heavy gloves or very callused hands those ought to work too.

if the flame goes out during the flip, just blow on it. I use a short length of plastic tubing for this, so I don't get the smoke right in my face.

immediately start piling on some fuel, because this method uses very little during the lighting phase. one advantage of this way is that slightly damp tinder might dry out more quickly and easily.

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