more madness from Petaluma drivers. I was heading westbound on Western, in the middle of the crosswalk at Kentucky, and a car going eastbound turned right into my path, accelerating gradually right towards me. I'm almost certain the driver of 7MUH517 could see me, but he treated me as though I were a nothing, a bothersome cockroach in his way. I held up both hands and mouthed "STOP", though, and he did. I continued on, crossing to the south side of Western, then got to the next junction, Liberty. traffic was stopped both ways on Liberty, and there was nobody on Western, so I stepped into the crosswalk there. immediately the driver at the front of the southbound lane hits the accelerator, and instinctively I turned back around and stepped onto the curb, noticing as I did so that it was a PPD SUV. I waited, turned around, until he passed and then crossed. I could see on the cop's face he knew he was in the wrong. he didn't look back at me.

at the third dangerous intersection, at Howard, the one northbound driver stopped and let me pass, but I was already jittery by then and was glancing nervously over my shoulder until safely past.

I usually have these near-misses maybe 8 to 10 times a year, but just in the past 4 or 5 weeks I've had 3. it's scary out there.

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