am I the only one bothered by the evacuation "orders" being given by the various sheriffs in the firestorm area? how can it be that our public servants are authorized to "order" us to do anything? are we military conscripts? slaves? where does one opt out of this arrangement anyway?

I'm perfectly open to suggestions and recommendations from people who have a better perspective on the matter than I do. but that doesn't mean I grant them sovereignty over me. if I'd rather risk death to protect my property from looters, that's my prerogative.

Safeway came through when the Senior Center did not. I got a coupon for 25 cents off any refrigerated yogurt, which means the 39 cents Lucerne blueberry yogurt was only 14 cents, and 98 cents off a $1.99 loaf of Open Nature whole wheat french bread, baked this morning, so $1.01 for that. capitalism sucks, right?

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