I think I've mentioned the cold-water shave before but just in case: I keep one of those silicone shampoo bottles filled with a half-and-half solution of Dr. Bronner's and water. one squirt of that is sufficient to lube my face. then I use the 5-bladed Gillette Fusion on it for a clean shave, fill the bottom of my ubiquitous coffee cup with 2 to 4 ounces of water, swish the blade back and forth (not side-to-side, it does no good) until it's clean. another few ounces of water on my washcloth to clean the soap off my face and that's it. no noise to speak of, if you have people sleeping nearby; no waiting for water to heat, wasting both water and fuel; very little use of water at all.

I was trying to get by on 2 fusion cartridges a year, but it wasn't working, they start to get dull after a couple of months. I'm up to 3 a year now, and near the end of 4 months it takes several times going over the same place to get a decent shave.

got rid of one more thing on my travel checklist: instead of the Kitchen Sink collapsible bucket, just use an inverted drybag. though drybags aren't as compact as the K.S., I carry them already anyway for multiple purposes. the only case I can think of where it mightn't work out would be if I needed a bucket while it was raining.

I think I mentioned before, you can use an inverted drybag to wash dishes or clothes. just add water and soap, and slosh it around with the items to be washed.

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