I went into the Starbucks at the corner of Napa and Linda Vista, asked for hot water in my nice stainless steel Starbucks mug I'd found left behind at the Newport terminal, and when the clerk shook her head at the dollar I stuffed it in the tip jar. I wanted to charge my devices. while there, I caught up on email and Facebook, and ordered 2 copies of my boarding pass printed at the Staples in Old Town San Diego.

it turns out I could have caught the trolley at Old Town, but I didn't realize it at that point, thinking I needed to go to the MTS office at 12th and Imperial. but I kept walking anyway, since after all I had time to kill and it was still cold in any case. but by the time I got to the convention center, I decided just to check the machine to see, and all it said was for the senior fare all you had to have was "acceptable ID", which I had. so I bought the one-way ticket for $1.25 and rode to Beyer. slept in the park up the street from the library, then went to the library itself for a bathroom break and the final filling of my Dromedary bags.

crossed the border uneventfully, got my FMM filled out properly for "CANJE", and went my usual route along the border fence. this time, though, after crossing Shit Creek (literally now -- it seems someone piped water into the neighborhood but no sewer, so there are now pipes running raw sewage into the arroyo), I went south at the first sign of a public walkway, went down and across to the first street after passing under a large fig tree. took a left and just before a low, long, orange-painted building I took another left onto a public stairway, which I remembered correctly took me to a dead-end street which led me to the highway close to one of my favorite taco stands. I ate there, and then also paid a visit to HuaHuis for a beer and a seafood tostada. this time the owner made me feel even less welcome than the first time, but I put up with it. then after tendering a $200 peso bill, he brought back only $100 out of the $108 I was, according to menu prices, supposed to get. so I figured he got the tip he deserved, I have no plan to ever go back again, and we parted ways. walked the final mile to the airport and got some sleep here and there until a large mouse or small rat tried to crawl up my sleeve. wasn't able to sleep after that. at about 06:00 I decided to try going through security, since I'd drunk the last of my water. now I'm in the gate area with about 3 hours to takeoff.

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