so my next route through Tijuana: take the airport road to highway 1; take the first side street right, that's Del Pino. it dead ends to a staircase, take it down and to the left, it comes out on Cañon Emiliano Zapata. follow that along several curves, there are two places where you make about a 120 degree right turn to get back onto Via de la Juventud Oriente: one just past a primary school, street name Onceava, and the other Gustavo Madero. either of those will get you past the open sewers.

I had a thought when I looked out over the no-mans-land between the border fences on each side. that might make a great place for a little experiment in anarchy. would either side bother you if you set up an open market in there? looks like Uncle Sam is paying for all-night lighting.

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